5 tips to stay fighting fit this Easter

April 07, 2020

5 tips to stay fighting fit this Easter

Easter is just around the corner. So you know what that means?!? CHOCOLATE. 

That's right, indulgence galore! The one time of the year when we can sit back and satisfy all those cravings without any judgement. Ahhh pure bliss!

It’s the time of year where we gather our family and friends or head off camping but it’s fair to say, this Easter will be a tad different for most of us.

There has never been a more important time to look after our health. Especially our immune system (learn how to boost your immune system here). In light of this, the team at Australian Primary Hemp have put together our 5 top tips for thriving this Easter so you can come out fighting fit! 

  1. Exercise mindfulness
    These unusual times can cause great amounts of stress as we continue to worry about the health of our loved ones and ourselves. When the body is placed under stress the immune system doesn’t protect us as effectively. So try some meditation, limiting your news intake to only one or two reliable sources and spend as much quality time as possible with your family, whether that be indoors or online. The APH team will be staying connected with our families through group video calls on Easter morning. This way everyone can still be involved in our Easter egg hunt, just virtually. 

  2. Consume a balanced diet
    Regretfully now is not the time to disregard fresh fruit and veg so you can spend the weekend eating an entire diet of chocolate. Believe me, we are equally upset about this. But in order to keep our immune system strong it is important to eat a balanced diet and as much fruit and veg as we can. Doing this will help strengthen our bodies. Sadly sugary chocolate isn’t considered ‘immune boosting’, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a piece or two but just make sure we are still eating enough good stuff!

  3. Drink plenty of water 
    Up to 60% of our body is made up of water! So in between Easter eggs try picking up a bottle of water. According to Healthline we should be aiming to consume 2 litres of water everyday. This is so very important because water helps flush out any nasties from our body and assists the immune system in protecting us. So do your best to always have a bottle of water around! 

  4. Get some fresh air
    In order to stay fighting fit during this time, we need to take extra care of our mental health. Isolation will affect everyone differently but one thing we can do is escape the confines of our house and exercise. This allows the body to get an instant release of endorphins and serotonin that help improve our mood. Another way to enjoy the ‘great out-doors’, might be to take that camping trip after all, but in your backyard, light the fire pit, toast the marshmallows and hey, if it gets too cold, you can always escape indoors to your bed, win win!

  5. Eat some hemp! 
    Adding hemp to your diet right now is a great way to make sure your body is getting enough goodness. Hemp contains plenty of protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, magnesium, amino acids, vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc. All of these are essential for the body to function at its peak and assist our immune system in protecting us. So, why not try some baking? We have a range of healthy hemp recipes you can try that will keep you fighting fit this Easter! 

On behalf of the team at Australian Primary Hemp we would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Easter :)

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