Hemp Balance vs Hemp Boost

May 29, 2018

Australian Primary Hemp

Australian Primary Hemp is very excited to have launched our new product line this month, two of which include Hemp Balance and Hemp Boost!

To avoid confusion between the two products, we thought we’d break it down to make it a little easier!  



What is it?

A high fibre powder

What is it?

A 50% protein powder

What is the difference?

Our powders are created from the ‘hemp cake’ that is left over after cold pressing the seed. We then use different milling and sifting techniques to produce the powder. We have kept a lot of the goodness in the Hemp Balance powder. This is why it is high in fibre and still contains protein, omega 3, 6 and 9 and trace minerals.


What is the difference?

Hemp Boost follows the same process of having the ‘hemp cake’ milled and sifted. Although with this process we remove a lot more of the grit in the powder (the fibre), to increase the protein content. This allows us to have a higher protein content, with a smoother finish on the powder.

Why would I use this?

Hemp Balance is perfect for anyone looking to improve their daily health. Hemp Balance contains one ingredient, Hemp and contains a range of nutrients our body needs more of!





Why would I use this?

Hemp Boost is a great vegan, hypoallergenic protein powder. It is ideal for the athletes, vegans and vegetarians looking to increase their protein content.

Unlike other protein powders, our Hemp Boost has not had any chemical extractions to reach the protein content. It is completely raw and natural, with no additives.

How do I use it?

Bake, shake or sprinkle!

Hemp Balance is a great flour substitute, I recommend using 40% Hemp Balance and 60% flour of your choice if you want to use it for banking. Otherwise, sprinkle on your breakfast or add it your smoothie :)

How do I use it?

Hemp Boost can be used similarly to common protein supplements. Just be aware it is not completely dissolvable, this is because it is a natural product that has not had a chemical extraction. Put it in your shakes, smoothies and breaks bowls, or add it to your raw treats.

Why is it called Hemp Balance?

We have called our high fibre powder Hemp Balance because we believe it contains a balance of everything the body needs more of!

Why is it called Hemp Boost?

We have called our 50% hemp protein powder Hemp Boost because it gives you the boost of protein you need!

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