Hemp; better than a superfood

March 03, 2020

Hemp; Better than a super food

We all know them. That elite group of plant-based foods that are apparently soooooo good for us, they have been ceremoniously crowned a superfood.

Yes, I am talking about ‘those’ berries, nuts, leafy greens and whole grains that wear a crown to work and will help you become super too, should you consume them daily!

So does hemp get its own coronation? 100%. Hemp is practically superfood royalty. According to Healthline, Hemp is one of the few superfoods that is actually worthy of the title.

So where did the superfood tag come from and what makes food so super?

To be a superfood, you need to contain high levels of desirable nutrients that are linked to promoting health and wellness and/or preventing disease and illness. Superfoods regularly contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, with the added superpower of antioxidants, healthy fats and fibre, which are thought to ward off cancer, fix digestive problems and help prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Here’s where hemp gets its crown. Hemp contains a vast array of desirable nutrients including fibre, healthy fats, protein, amino acids, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. A list as long as Kate Middleton's wedding dress train! So royally super.

It makes sense that with a list of nutrients as long as this, the extensive health benefits is equally as long. Hemp, the super dooper super food helps promote; 

  • Reduced risk of heart disease,
  • Relief of skin complaints -  psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and eczema,
  • Reduced symptoms of PMS and menopause,
  • Digestion and gut health, 
  • Reduced inflammation, 
  • Relief of rheumatoid arthritis. 

Right, so we’ve established that hemp is a nutritional powerhouse, and it keeps good company in the plant & seed family, but why the dooper in super dooper? 
We believe hemp can be crowned better than a super food because of the long list of sustainable benefits that it brings to the royal banquet table! 


  • Puts nutrients back into the soil,
  • Absorbs man made toxins from the environment,
  • Doesn’t need a lot of space to grow, 
  • Doesn’t use much water to grow, 
  • Can grow without the need of chemicals, 
  • And hemp purifies the air.

In addition to being a source of food hemp has been recorded to have over 50,000 other uses which include cosmetics, clothing, rope, building material, plastic, medicine, fuel and paper to name a few. Every part of the plant can be used for sustainable purposes. A super dooper positive impact on the environment don’t you think?

According to Forbes, Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop, and almost everything that you can make with cotton, soy or corn can be made with hemp, with significantly less impact on the Earth.

So, with respect, you can now see why we at Australian Primary Hemp bow down to the most super of super foods her royal hempiness, Hemp!


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