How to beat boredom

April 16, 2020

how to beat boredom - dog looking bored

Can’t remember what day it is? Forgotten what the outside world looks like? Run out of things to watch on Netflix?

I can promise you, we are all starting to feel the cabin fever now. Lucky for you guys we have come up with some ways to beat the boredom of being at home every day.

First of all, it is important to stay positive and think of all the benefits of having some extra time on our hands! Maybe there's an instrument you have always wanted to learn to play? Or a book you have been meaning to read? Now is the perfect time to try something new. 

Release your inner green thumb
You might not be able to grow hemp in your backyard but you can definitely give a veggie patch a go! Gardening is extremely therapeutic and encourages you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while you are doing it. Plus as an added benefit, it's fantastic for the environment and you get to eat what you grow! Autumn is also the perfect time of the year to be planting your veggies, the conditions mean they will be getting enough rain and sunshine to flourish. 

Put your chefs hat on
There's never been a better time to get creative in the kitchen! If you have had your eye on an adventurous recipe, go for it! Maybe you want to experiment with ingredients? Or test out your baking skills? Either way the perks of cooking are that you get to be the taste tester at the end, so everyone’s a winner. If you need some inspiration to get the ball rolling we have a range of different hemp recipes available here

Brush up on your hemp knowledge 
If, like us, you have powered through Tiger King already, why not watch a documentary that will expand your knowledge on the Australian Hemp Industry? The innovative Byron Bay clothing brand, Afends has recently released a mini documentary series on YouTube titled ‘Helping Eliminate Malicious Propaganda’. We highly recommend adding this to your binge watch list! 

Stretch it out 
This is not only a great hobby to beat boredom but it is also amazing for the mind and body. If you hadn’t guessed already we are talking about yoga! While we aren’t moving around as much, it's important that our muscles are still getting a work out so they don’t seize up on us and cause stiffness. So why not perfect the pigeon pose in the comfort of your own home with amazing yoga classes now available online. Some of our local faves include Upstate, LuceFit, Wonder Yoga and Kommunity.

Stay safe everyone, we hope this helps you beat your boredom! We are off to work on our downward dogs.

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