Merry Sustainable Christmas

December 11, 2019

Merry Sustainable Christmas

We all tend to get a little “wrapped up” in the consumerism of Christmas, and that’s okay, but we feel like there are just a couple of ‘tweaks’ to our regular festive behaviour and changes that we can make that’ll make us all feel better about our festive indulgence!

Here are 8 of our top tips for creating a more sustainable and mindful Christmas for you and your family.

1. O’Christmas tree
The perfectly sized, evenly spaced plastic Christmas tree may be an easy and neat option, but getting the real deal not only benefits the environment, it makes the entire house smell Christmassy and that’s a good thing! There’s nothing better than walking into a house at Christmas time and smelling fresh pine perfume oozing through every doorway. But wait, there’s more, not only are real Christmas trees fantastic for adding sweet smelling perfumes to your house, they’ll help filter the air and, thanks to a University of Melbourne study, they’ll compost a load quicker than a plastic tree, which will take more than 20 years for it to become more sustainable option. Case closed! 

Get the real deal tree from these places Melbournians & Sydney-siders!

2. Santa Baby, are you Eco Wrapping?
So the garbage bags really get a work out at Christmas don’t they? We happily stuff those babies full of gift wrapping that’s been torn from Santa’s Sack of presents for each child and gosh, it really adds up!  This needn’t be the case if we think about our gift wrapping a little differently. We’d love to be offering you Hemp Xmas Wrap direct from APH but the technology for large scale hemp paper production has not quite hit our shores in a big way yet. There are however, so many different eco-friendly options we’d encourage you to consider, to minimise wrap waste!

Use last years recycled Christmas wrap or any wrapping paper - Elsa’s Frozen Paper looks like a Northern Hemisphere Chrissy scene, doesn’t it?!

If you don’t have any 2018 Christmas or 2019 Gift wrap, use newspaper and grab a colourful pencil to add some Christmas cheer sketches.

A gorgeous tea towel, scarf or piece of fabric makes for a divine gift wrapping. The internet is riddled with great DIY how-to fold them into stunning present wrap, but we liked this one from Fab Art DIY for all shapes & sizes of gifts.

Buy reusable wrapping bags or use some of those 101 canvas totes you have in your cupboard now. The gift that can pay it forward again and again. We love these fab ones from Australian Bag-All.

3. A very Merry Beeswaxmas 
Forget covering all those leftovers in glad wrap this year, we have a far better alternative. If you haven’t heard of them already, beeswax wraps are a fantastic eco-friendly product you can use to cover any leftover food to keep fresh for Boxing Day! 

Better yet, they are really easy to make yourself. So if you need a craft idea to keep the kids entertained, this one's for you! You can learn how to make them here.

4. 12 Days of Wellness 
On the twelfth day of christmas Santa gave us wellness! Instead of fast fashion or plastic filled gifts, why not give the gift of wellness this year? The wellness industry seem to be way ahead of the time when it comes to environmental savvy products that not only benefit you but the environment as well. Plus, a lot are created right in our backyard, Australia! 

Take hemp for example. According to Forbes, hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop, and almost everything that you can make with cotton, soy or corn can be made with hemp – with way less impact on the Earth!

Maybe use some Hemp & Honey Nut Bars in stockings rather than lollies? Replace the traditional Toblerone with a deliciously healthy Hemp and Pink Salt Chocolate? Or get them started on their own wellness journey with a Hemp Starter Pack

5. Deck the Halls with Solar Lights
Save on your electricity bill and try solar lights on your tree and decorations this year. With the amount of sun we get in Australia and New Zealand in December, we know the lights will get more than enough charge to make your tree, well light up like a Christmas Tree! If that hasn’t sold you, solar lights also last longer, which means less landfill, a win for the environment.

6. Support Santa’s local
Why not swap the food giant chain grocer for a local farmers market or regional small produce store for this years Christmas shop. Not only will you be able to stock up with home-grown, small batch produced products, you will more than likely know exactly where your product has come from, how it’s produced and what’s in it! Plus, there’s nothing as heartwarming as the idea you’re supporting a local small business. A feeling that we all need at Christmas time.

7. All I want for Christmas is a hempy feast
Don’t let the Christmas menu stress you out! We have got it all organised for you with some mouthwatering hemp recipes that will please all the relatives. Try our hemp and capsicum dip on your Christmas eve platter or our refreshing summer hemp salad for lunch. Dessert, well where do we start, what about caramel slice, it’ll promise to leave everyone wanting a second slice. All our hemp recipes are simple and available here. 

8. Glory to the new found eco crackers
Pop …  there goes the plastic! There’s no denying the fun of Christmas Crackers or the joy of laughing at the worst jokes ever from their little itty bitty insides. But that eruption of plastic and itty bitty paper pieces on to the dining table could be a whole lot more sustainable. 

The fun to be had in making your own crackers is undeniable. We’re sure our jokes are funnier than whoever the jester that wrote theirs is, and the ‘gems’ of cracker gift inserts that can be found at the local thrift store is second to none! Costume jewellery anyone? No cracker is complete without a crown right? Rather than another piece of crappy paper going into the garbage bag after 10 minutes use, pop a gorgeous homemade crown into your cracker and not only ensure your guests look good, but feel good about your majestic crackers & choices! 

Instructions on how to fashion crackers here.

If you aren’t feeling crafty or have run out of time, then you are able to purchase eco-crackers that won’t harm the environment. Such as these ones we found here.

We hope that these suggestions have provided some thought starters on the small changes we can undertake to make a difference and please. Whatever you’re doing in the lead up to Christmas, we hope you enjoy it and have a merry and safe festive period. Wishing you all a bright and joyous New Year ahead full of hempy times!

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