Hemp Porridge

June 04, 2018

Australian Primary Hemp Porridge

Now that we are officially in winter, it is time to create delicious heartwarming meals! 
And what's better than some tasty, hot porridge to start off the day!

Like always, we like to mix our recipes up and add some power packed hemp to our meals for extra goodness! Use the recipe below to create your own Hemp Porridge :) 


1.5 cups of rolled oats
3.5 cups of preferred milk
1 Tbsp Hemp Balance or Hemp Boost
1 Tbsp Honey (optional sweetener)


Add ingredients to a pot, bring to boil whilst stirring the pot.
Once at boiling point, continue to stir for 1 minute until thick and creamy before removing the pot from heat.
Serve with fruit of your choice and Hemp Seeds (stewed apples were used in this recipe).

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