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Santa Hemp & Fruit Sticks

December 11, 2018

Santa Hemp & Fruit Snacks

I don't think these little snacks could get any cuter!!

Made with fruit and hemp seeds, these little Santa's are the perfect holiday snack for the kiddies. 

The recipe below makes 6 little Santa's. 


6 Skewers 
2 Bananas 
6 Strawberries
1 Tbs Honey
2 Tbs Australian Primary Hemp Seeds
1 packet Watermelon TikTak's* 
12 Silver Candy Balls* 

*Note: We have a bit of a sweet tooth in our offices but you can use healthy alternatives if you want a sugar-free recipe. Eg. sultanas and pomegranate.


1. Cut the bananas into three equal lengths. 
2. Cut the bottom of the strawberries off. 
3. Pour the honey and hemp seeds into two separate small bowls. 
4. Dip the base and tip of the strawberry into the honey before dipping into the hemp seeds. 
5. Push the skewer through the centre of the banana and then halfway through the strawberry.
6. Push two Silver Candy Balls into the banana as the Santa's eyes. 
7. Push the red TikTak into the banana as the Santa's nose.  
8. Carefully use a knife to carve a smile into the banana below the nose. 
9. Enjoy!