Refined Hempseed Oil - 5L

Our Australian Hemp Seed Oil is available in 5L and 20L amounts. For orders larger than this, please contact us directly. Heavy goods shipping is applied to all bulk products. Harvested in the cooler climates of Australia, this Refined Hemp Seed Oil is free from all impurities and cold-pressed to perfection. Through the delicate refinement process, the slightly earthy nutty smell has been completely removed making this product the ideal sustainable carrier oil. This product is: 100% Australian grown and made, Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Sustainably farmed, Nut-free, And gluten-free. Please contact us for wholesale pricing and GST exemption on bulk orders.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Stops
Extremely good product

Hemp seed oil was recommended to me to reduce arthritic pain. After using this product for a very short time I could notice the effect and I now have much less pain and greater flexibility in my joints. I can grip the handlebar and change gears on the e bike in a much safer, normal manner. Highly recommended for arthritic pain.


Excellent service value in price

Thomas Bouldin
Very for my rumitissm

I am starting to feel the benefit of taking 3 tea spoons a day, since I have been taking it I have not taken any of my full spectrum cnd oil, it seems to help with my back ache

Gary Hamilton
Sceptic proven wrong

I didn’t believe all the hype I was hearing from users, but after using the hemp oil I was totally a believer after three days. I have converted others to using it and all have had the same results as me.