Hemp crop trials with SuniTAFE

We have some exciting news to share with you! 

Australian Primary Hemp has partnered with SuniTAFE SMART Farm to run a number of Industrial Hemp trials in Mildura, Victoria. 

We have some exciting news to share with you!

Australian Primary Hemp has partnered with SuniTAFE SMART Farm to run a number of Industrial Hemp trials in Mildura, Victoria.

This is a massive step forward for the hemp industry in Australia. The ability to run trials with SuniTAFE SMART Farm will elevate our expertise when it comes to determining the optimum growing conditions in order to yield the best results from our hemp crops. This will also open up new opportunities for farms in the region to introduce hemp to their cropping cycles with stronger confidence. 

These varieties will be used for the purposes of food, fibre and building material products over the next two to three years.

SuniTAFE CEO Geoff Dea mentioned that,“The trial will place SuniTAFE and our students at the forefront of an emerging commodity and will bring the scientific elements of crop harvesting, production and analysis into the classroom for the benefit of our future farmers and the horticulture sector more broadly.”

The partnership has also received strong advocacy from the Member for Mildura, Ali Cupper MLA, who sits on the Victorian Government Parliamentary Industrial Hemp Taskforce alongside Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes MP and Fiona Patten MP.  

Ms Cupper said, “The Industrial Hemp Taskforce was established to investigate the potential for production of hemp production in Victoria, and I’m rapt the first big partnership to be established out of the taskforce is in Mildura”.

Minister Symes anticipates the trial could also have wide reaching benefits across Victoria. Stating,“This is exciting, not only for SuniTAFE and Mildura, but for all of Victoria. Hemp is a promising emerging commodity and it’s fantastic that Mildura gets to be at the forefront of our investment in this growing industry”.

We decided to run the trials in Mildura because of the region's unique growing conditions and climate that we believe will complement the conditions needed for growing hemp.

Our co-founder James Hood commented,“We’ve seen that over the past four years the hemp plant is very resilient to most pests and disease, it’s an efficient user of water and has regenerative soil properties”.

“Our research to date also indicates that longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures may provide a window for good seed yields, as well as biomass and cannabinoid production”.

Interestingly, an Agrifutures commissioned report of new and emerging industries in 2017, identifying 53 potential emerging industries categorised as Good, Better or Best. Hemp seed was actually one of nine commodities to have landed in the Best category!

Our CEO Neale Joseph said, “As hemp pioneers, APH is thrilled to be working with SuniTAFE to promote and grow hemp and see a great future in our partnership for the Sunraysia area. We are grateful for the support we are all getting from the Victorian Industrial Hemp Taskforce too”.

We can’t wait to begin the trials! For more information about this partnership please get in touch. 

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