Our Farmers

We work closely with our farmers in Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales to:

  • Assess the soil type and location to grow the perfect seeds
  • Sustainably grow hemp with minimal human intervention
  • Educate the next generation of Australian farmers about hemp

Hemp, the regenerative crop

With a 120-day harvest cycle, hemp acts as the perfect crop to grow in between other seasonal crops here in Australia as it restores degraded soil by blocking out the room for weeds. It’s also been known to absorb 4 x times more CO2 than any other forrest or commercial crop, making it incredibly sustainable for our land and air.

Interested in growing hemp?

We’re looking for new Australian farmers to grow hemp. Our mission is to help farmers with seed selection, licensing, hemp farming education so that you can produce the best crops possible.

If you’re interested in please email farmer@ausprimaryhemp.com.au with all the details of your farm and one of our farming team will be in touch.