• Australian Primary Hemp Team

Our story

The Australian Primary Hemp journey began with good mates, a passion for agriculture and an interest in developing a sustainable food source. Since starting in August 2016, this small idea has come to life and we are now one of Australia's largest producers of Aussie grown hemp!

Australian Primary Hemp offers customers a complete end-to-end hemp service, handling everything from seed selection, farming and processing to contract packaging, bulk and retail sales.

By controlling all points of contact we can guarantee the quality and freshness of our hemp products. It is incredibly important that we continue to support the local Australian community in everything we do. For this reason, our products are made from Australian grown hemp seed only.

With all founders having diverse backgrounds in agriculture, the company is excited to be at the forefront of the developing hemp industry in Australia, across areas such as health food products, hemp processing and an alternative, viable, sustainable farming solution. From paddock to plate.

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