Spinal Health and Hemp!

We recently sat down with local legends, Shannon Ave Chiro to discuss the importance of spinal health and the benefits of hemp!

For those that are unaware, Shannon Ave Chiro is an amazing chiropractic clinic based in the heart of Geelong. Owned by Dr Matthew Gooch and his lovely wife Hannah, together they are educating the Geelong community on best spinal and health practice.

Q. Dr Gooch how important is spinal health?
A. When we consider that the leading cause of disability in the developing world is neck pain and back pain, I think it's fair to say that spinal health is of paramount importance. The spinal column is responsible for just about every movement in the body and houses the central nervous system which is the master control system that coordinates our thoughts, senses and movement. If good spinal health is maintained we know that our pain levels will be lower, our movement and physical activity will increase and in turn that has huge positive implications on our mental health and wellbeing.

Q. What are some of the key things we can do to improve spinal health?
A. One of my favourite things to say to patients is “keep it warm, keep it moving”. We know that in general if we can keep our spinal structures warm and in motion we tend to fare better than say being cold and stagnant. Ice has its uses in acute injuries but in general heat and movement is key. This is particularly important as we age we are more susceptible to arthritis and degeneration of the spine (Wear and Tear).

Other factors that are key to improved spinal health is ensuring we are getting enough sleep and that the sleep quality is good. Ensuring that we have the correct pillow and a good quality mattress are imperative to the above point. 

The last point leads me to the following question and that is nutrition. Nutrition plays a huge and vital role in spinal health and is often overlooked or ignored. If we eat well and ensure our gut microbiome is healthy then we can decrease systemic (whole body) inflammation and in turn be less likely to be sore and stiff.   

Q. How can hemp improve spinal health?
A. One of the most common issues affecting people’s spinal health is arthritic change, especially as we age. Hemp is a great source of omega 3 and 6 with an ideal ratio of 1:3 which has been shown to suppress inflammatory responses in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis (A severe form of arthritis) and decrease the prevalence of many chronic diseases that we struggle to combat with a traditional western diet.  

Q. From a health point of view, what other benefits does Hemp has on the body?
A. Hemp is packed with protein which is an essential component in building muscle, healthy skin and nails. In addition, hemp is also an excellent source of dietary fibre, which is excellent for keeping our digestive system healthy and our bowel function regular. A combination of fibre and protein ensures that we feel full and satisfied for longer which helps with weight management. Maintaining a healthy weight goes a long way in keeping our spines healthy as we aren't overloading our joints with excessive pressure.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to Matthew for taking the time to sit down with us and discuss hemp and spinal health! Our whole range of products are stocked at Shannon Ave Chiro for those wanting a hemp fix! 

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About Dr Matthew Gooch

After graduating from RMIT Melbourne with a Bachelor of Health Science (chiropractic) and a Masters Degree in Clinical Chiropractic in 2012, Matthew worked as a chiropractor and injury management consultant for four years, dealing predominantly with work-related injuries, workplace rehabilitation and return-to-work treatments.

Matthew comes from a long line of Chiropractors such as his father, brother, uncle, great uncle and cousins.  Matthew has been surrounded by chiropractic his whole life.

With a broad experience across many facets of chiropractic services, Matthew’s main areas of expertise include spinal diagnosis, spinal rehabilitation, spinal and chiropractic manipulative therapy, exercise rehabilitation and extremity conditions of the elbow and shoulder.

For more information about the amazing team at Shannon Ave Chiro, head to their website: www.shannonavechiro.com.au